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100 % natural soap: Lemon & Cedar

22,40 kn
Soap of the masculine scent of cedar and lemon

Bath salt: Eucalyptus & Pine

31,20 kn
Helps with muscle tension

Bath salt: Rosemary & Lavander

31,20 kn
It\'s time to relax

Body Milk with Beta Carotene

39,90 kn
Maintains color and tan

Men Cream for Balls

59,90 kn
The most original gift for men!

Soap: Cinnamon, Coffee and Poppy

22,40 kn
Helps eliminate cellulite

Soap: Clay and Melaleuca Oil

22,40 kn
For oily and problematic skin

Soap: Goat Milk and Almond Oil

22,40 kn
Solution for dry skin

Soap: Lavender

22,40 kn
Universal, for all skin types

Soap: Orange and Cinnamon

22,40 kn
Soap for very dry skin

Ulola Family Cream for Face and Body

35,00 kn
Soothes dry and irritated skin