Ulola’s skin care products provide proper skin and nail care to people with diabetes with the help of high-quality ingredients like cold-pressed vegetable oil, macerate and essential oils with chemotypes, as well as a number of active ingredients such as vitamin E, and ABCD.

The use of ingredients like plants macerated in oils, Shea butter, olive oil including certain essential oils such as rosemary, cineol, Himalayan cedar, lemon and medicinal sage help to reconstruction and nourish the skin.

All products are natural, not tested on animals, contain no paraben and are preserved only using a natural preservative.

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Hand and Nails Cream

29,90 kn
The addition of Soluvit Richter reduces the dryness

Nourishing Butter for Foot & Body

44,90 kn
Prevents irritation and redness of the skin

Nourishing Foot Cream

49,90 kn
Stimulates regeneration and improves skin structure

Soap with Honey and Propolis

22,40 kn
Enjoy the power of honey and propolis